Our Vision

"Pursuing God, Serving People"

"Our vision is to be a people pursuing God, by worshipping Him, experiencing His presence and hearing and obeying His word, and serving people, by showing His kingdom and telling the gospel – in the city, the region and the nations"

A purpose

We want to pursue God - deliberately, frequently, and persistently – in such a way that we cannot resist giving away what we have received, especially to those who are not yet believers.

A Prophetic parallel

Hope Church – a life boat station

• Both exist to save people's lives

• Both rely on highly committed volunteers

• Both depend on sacrificial giving

• Both gather to resource, repair, re-fuel, re-train and then send out to search and save

• Both believe every role is vital

"I look upon this world as a wrecked vessel. God has given me a lifeboat and said, "Moody, save all you can" D.L.Moody, 19th century evangelist.

God has said we are to be a door of hope for many to come through and, like the church in Antioch, to be characterised by an emphasis on the grace of God.