Small Groups

Small groups are central to the life of the church. They allow people to grow in friendships, in their spiritual life, and to reach out into the community around them. You are free to attend any of our groups and here is a list of what is available as well as a small taste of what you can expect!

Wednesday Groups

Brian and Pat (Droitwich)
Our group has several objectives to build a family of people who care about each other and feel loved. The teaching will challenge us how to apply the Sunday talk into our everyday lives. Worship and prayer will depend on the needs of the group as the Holy Spirit leads.

Steve and Becki (Warndon, Worcester)
Our aim is to be a community where we can have fun getting to know and encourage one another, enjoy studying God's word, worshipping God and encountering His presence. If you're looking for a group then please feel free to try it out.

Jane and Isaac (St Peter's, Worcester)
If you love puddings and love Jesus, this is the group for you. We're based in St Peter's and enjoy a relaxed and informal group made up of varying ages and backgrounds. Our focus is accountability, knowing who you are in Christ and, of course, having fun and enjoying God together! Visitors are always welcomed with open arms (and cake!).

Martyn and Judy (Worcester)
The group will be starting at sometime in the Spring. Date to be confirmed. More details will follow.

Thursday Groups

John and Jean (Warndon, Worcester)
We love to press into God, and really enjoy His presence in worship. Our vision is: to glorify God, and encourage each other in our gifting's and ministries - and develop them in the group! We also really value our fellowship; praying for each other and reflecting on the Bible or Sunday talk together.

Derek and Kirsten (Malvern, Worcestershire)
Are you looking for a small group to join? "Come and join us for fun, friendship and to seek God together."

If you want any more information about our small groups then please contact us and hopefully we can answer your question.